STRIPES for every season

For generations, we have seen stripes highly influencing fashion with prints alike. Bold stripes, candy stripes, nautical stripes, horizontal and vertical stripes. Stripes can create a fun fiesta of colour to any outfit. Which will you choose?

The SINGLET dress

Oversize, loose and short... the singlet dress is an easy look to pull of into the coming season. The beach, festival and a quick dash to the shops this item is a quick garment to pull from the wardrobe and create a street chic style.

Why not try statement rings, bangles, hat and/or boots and add accesories to make the look your own.


Denim the staple to every wardrobe, jeans, jackets, shorts, skirts and shirts. But denim shorts seem to be the key item for the festival season. Wear them short, paired with a singlet and boots for a outfit to show the musicians how to rock the festival.

Splash of Pink...

Splash of pink...

With pink a tone of red, the colour is evidently a favourite by the ladies.

Recently watching Gossip Girl, Blair is seen at W wearing an ultimately chic outfit with a twist, bright pink shorts. A very refreshing splash of colour!

With further discovery and research in the blogisphere, Andy wears bright pink pants as seen at

PINK a colour to make you smile, well it makes me smile to see the vivid hue splashed into an outfit. Instant accent to any outfit. Success :)

RED, i see red!

RED, i see red!

Red, the colour Valentino has loved and shown in all his collections. This season RED is definately making a splash on the fashion world.

Prabul Gurang

Jason Wu

At David Jones Autumn/Winter 2011 launch in Sydney, red was seen as the hue of the night.

Eclectic Poetry

Eclectic Poetry, the title of sarahg2747 new collection available on ebay soon. The combination and ecletic mix of vintage finds to add to your wardrobe is only a click away. From music festival to a weekend getaway there is an item that may suit you.

While i procastinate and become distratcted by the beautiful things that is fashion... I feel the need to share my favourite online video at the moment. As i came accros this one last week i laughed, sighed and almost cried in its juxtaposition of fashion week and began to see the models from another perspective.

Created by Justin Wu, this video is just one of the sensational fashion moments he has captured. Music by The Dandy Warhols - 'Bohemian Like You' creates the fun and quirky ability to make you bop in your chair to the beat. Showcasing some of the new fall seasons collections Mr Wu has encaptulated a very new angle of fashion week.

Mr Wu's Boys of Milan and Paris FW2011 video... WOW

Filmed & Edited by Justin Wu /