Wandering gardens

A sleep-in and a morning juice, I was set to wander West Hollywood's pedestrian-less streets in search for the exciting that you may not find in a tourists guide. A walk through a side street of Madison Ave and I had found a beautiful, quaint street with a tree shaded side walk and sweet garden flowers. And behold.... It was Chloe and Oscar De La Renta!

Michael Kors tortoise watch , DKNY black leather bag no longer available (similar one here) 

A random stroll has allowed me to find hidden and sometimes not so hidden gems that I would otherwise not been able to visit, enjoy and create memories.

This may have just captured the moment I fell in LOVE with L.A.

Xx Sarah

Turning Japanese

The location of Vancouver Fashion Week was adjacent to the Japanese Gardens and what a place to take a few pics. I love a great pair of boots, these are tan leather and bring the festival cool to any look. My watch became one of my favourite pieces in my suitcase that I wore as a staple to almost every outfit. A printed dress and blazer work well to add some colour.

Xsenia & Olya

Xsenia & Olya
Spring/Summer 2013
Vancouver Fashion Week

A combination of prints, sheers and solid colours were beautifully presented in the designs of Xsenia & Olya. A feeling of summer just around the corner was evoked and I just wanted to enjoy a cocktail overlooking the Bondi Beach in one of these great dresses. The tailored jackets brought a chic glamour to your office look and the sheer over dress could easily be worn throighout summer in many ways. From a beach cover up to as worn on the runway layering your garments creating astyle of your own.

This collection had a versatile range of pieces with many personalities in each garment. Printed leggings with a solid colour back were nicely paired with a white button up and I envision these on a Sunday evening out with the girls. This collection has such a positive vibe and many pieces I can see easily transfered from the runway to your everyday wardrobe.



Half Way

Vancouver Fashion Week

Designer focus - Gert-Johan Coetzee

I'm writing this as Vancouver Fashion Week is well underway, half way to be precise. I have been lucky enough to enjoy the runway shows for this event, and view both local Canadian and international designers.

South Africian designer Gert-Johan Coetzee brought a personality that was flurescent and a world of aesthetically plaesing design details. From leather, arcyllic and tulle the collection of multiple silhouettes shone into the spotlight of day one of Vancouver Fashion Week.


Laser cut arcylic detailling on garments, jewellery and belts added a textural element to this collection. This also added to the contrast colourway of lime and black, evoking a feeling from the viewers of adding fun to elegance. I have had the chance to met with Gert, the designer and he definately adds fun and elegance to his own personal style.

Overall his collection was cohesive as a range, showed great construction and interesting design details that kept you wanting more.


I was lucky enough to attend the Marimekko collection showing during New York Fashion Week. This design company has been a leader in print design and well known for their choices in colour since the companies first runway show in 1951. True to the brands aesthetic, this collection was bright, bold and a fun show to be at.


OTTE New York

New York is filled with great boutiques and stores with hidden treasures for you to find. I was excited to visit the Otte NY store in the Meat Packing District during my time in the great city of New York. With great designer pieces alongside their own signature garments, the store had all the great fall must haves to get you prepared for the cooler weather.


McQ boots

ALEXANDER WANG dress, ACNE sweater, FALIERO SARTI scarf and ETTEN ELLER necklace

Pologeorgis raccoon long vest

Dont worry if your not in New York you can shop OTTE online and right now you as one of my readers can get 20% off your entire order when using this code on checkout, "FALL20EA". The code is live now & will remain active through 9/23. 

A shift in climate

I arrived in Vancouver, Canada in the early hours of this morning. I have so many more great things to share with you from my New York Fashion Week adventures, but for now Im excited to be attending Vancouver Fashion Week. Its a nice change from the 35 degree days in LA. The event starts this week and I cannot wait to see what style and designs will be on show during the week. This is my first visit to the city of Vancouver and from a day of walking along the harbour shores and soaking up the beauty of the city, I have high expectations for the runway event. Here is some pictures from my day...


If you would like to find out more about Vancouver Fashion Week, visit the website here.

W118 by Walter Baker

On Day 2 of New York Fashion Week, I attended W118 by Walter Baker. Colourful and fun and this collection could be appreciated by the eclectic summer loving DJ in all of us. The presentation had models rocking headphones, all connected to the same music behind the podium.

This collection is cohesive and has a great range of shapes and silhouettes. I love the colour, print and ombre jacket, Walter Baker you have a new fan!

I'm in New York

I have been in New York for four days now, and enjoyed the excitement of fashion week. I still find it a little surreal to be here. I have attended some great runway shows and meet some amazingly creative people. My base camp for the beginning of my NY stay has been at the Empire hotel. This hotel has had a multitude of Fashion Week guests staying here and I have been soaking up as much inspiration up as humanly possible.

Here's some of the street style that has been seen...

Chadwick Bell

The first show I attended was the Chadwick Bell runway showing, with sheer panneling, grecian style draping and neautral colour palette these garments had a modern feminity and elegance.

A beautiful tailored jacket with leather detaiing on the sleeves was one of my favourite garments from the collection.

New York if this is just a taste of things to come, this is going to be a great week :)

Rodeo Drive

Very cliche for a tourist to visit Rodeo Drive in LA but I experienced what I believe should be called a fashionable moment of inspiration. Within the luxury and designer stores there were garment details creating a multitude of fireworks into the designer atmosphere. No really! Upon closer inspection, I had seen fabrics made of a mix of leather and wool, furs - not like any other but a mix of many patched together to create not a hybird animal but a vest and jacket. The time spent on a luxury item is what makes it so appealing and amazing.

Visiting the Dior store off Rodeo Drive (new store on Rodeo opening in October) was a great experience. I met a lovely sales person who I chatted with about fashion and the Dior brand. He showed me the intricacies in some garments and the great accessories. Definately must get back there when the new store opens.

The Louis Vuitton collection collaborating with Artist Yayoi Kusama, was great to see in person and was the inspiration for the stores, window displays.


Aaahhh Prada!