The Great Singapore Sale

Time to shop!!! A stopover in Singapore and less than 24hours to spend in the shopping malls of Orchard Road. Flat shoes and a loose dress, making life very easy when trying on clothes. I love this clutch I purchased in Bali! It's colourful and embroidered with pom poms. The blue tones accent my custom made leather shoes and these contrast nicely with the orange dress. Must say looking at these pictures I was very bright, colourful and easy to spot...

Winter Sun

Back in Sydney briefly... A day with my sister before heading overseas for two weeks, we enjoyed Sydney's winter sun and a treat at Lindt Chocolate CafĂ© in Darling Harbour. As I have been traveling so much this year its nice to be home and appreciate Sydney's beauty.

Angel Jackson Atomic box shoulder bag

Custom made gold shoes, Witchery pants, Vintage stripe blouse, Angel Jackson Bag (available here), Marc Jacobs watch and Prada baroque sunglasses.

Blue Lagoon

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
During my time in Vanuatu, I visited Blue Lagoon and I was holding beauty in my hand. It was a secluded paradise of bright blue water, lush green jungle and the day I was there, great weather.

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