Claire Goldsmith

Audrey Hepburn in Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses


You may know of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, as seen on Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kate Beckinsale. Started in 1926, these sunglasses are still made by the Goldsmith family. Since 2009, Claire Goldsmith has been showing the future of the Goldsmith brand, with the CG collection. Implementing the recognisable signature of carefully contoured temples and reducing the company's carbon footprint.


Q & A with Claire Goldsmith

What were some of your earliest memories of eyewear?

I can remember staying with my grandfather and everyone popping over at inappropriate times to have their frames fixed, tightened, or adjusted.  I also remember my mum jumping around the kitchen in a pair of broken glasses and when I asked Dad what she was doing, he said ‘she’s dancing around in Princess Diana’s glasses – she popped them in my pocket at a Christmas party and asked if I could fix them for her’.

With the Claire Goldsmith brand, what inspired this collection?

Essentially I think it was my desire to create something that was mine! I am so lucky to have such a rich heritage and design catalogue to use as inspiration, but the CG collection is very much a reflection of me and my team and the future of the Goldsmith brand.  I know I am not reinventing the wheel, but I do like to find ways to improve on the old.  By using my heritage as stimulus, I have been inspired to create something that is modern and current, but with the same ethos and brand integrity as my forefathers. 

Creating this collection, how important was it to put your own aesthetic into the products?

It has always been important, but I actually think my confidence in that area is gaining momentum.  The first collection was scary, you don’t want to put off your current customers and retailers, but at the same time, you are desperately trying to break free and do something a bit different. As the collection develops and my customer becomes more apparent, my design aesthetic is definitely becoming more concentrated. I very much believe in branding through design rather than big logos, so you’ll never see ‘Claire Goldsmith’ plastered down the temple – instead we have a bevelled temple that runs throughout the whole collection, a subtle detail but to people in the know, it’s a distinguishable feature. 

I love that you are incorporating Mazzuchelli’s new ECO plastics into your products, and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Is this a high priority for the company? 

Claire Goldsmith
It is definitely a priority within the company –  and as Mazzuchelli’s collection of Eco acetates develop we aim to incorporate as many as we possibly can.  Another little nod to being green is the new packaging we have developed.  It is incredible.  Completely flat pack packaging which folds down to the size of an envelope, yet is still incredible strong and looks beautiful.  By using this packaging, we cut down enormously on shipping costs to our retailers but retain a luxury and quality product. 

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

I get asked this question a lot and I really struggle to answer it! Every frame has a sentimentality about it.  They have often been designed with someone in mind, so I am fond of each one in their own way.  The best sellers tend to be top of the list though! :)

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is classic/androgynous. I mainly live in a combination of jeans, cool trainers and classic fitting tops in a rotation of blue, black and grey.  I suppose it’s a bit of a uniform, but in the same day I can be having very important business meetings and be running in the mothers race at my children’s sports day! Comfort and fit are incredible important to me – whether it’s my personal style or my eyewear! 

What is your favourite travel destination?

Anywhere with blazing sun, a beach and access to affordable massages! I love going away with my family, so somewhere that caters for my children is also important. 

Check out the entire CG collection here.


Trisara - Wellness Program

The first detox I have done and what a lovely place to call home for the wellness program. Situated 15mins from Phuket airport in Thailand, just minutes from getting off the plane I was experiencing the luxury of Trisara. Intimate and exclusive, every villa has ocean views and a private pool, perfect for relaxing between spa treatments.

My eating program was a menu specially developed for the cleanse program. With choices made prior to arrival, my lunch and dinner consisted of soups, salad and juice. My top picks chilled carrot and ginger soup, Zucchini avocado and passionfruit tartare, and watermelon juice. Breakfast was enjoyed daily at the Trisara restaurant and a buffet full of fresh fruit and juices was a great way to start the day.
My spa program had treatments daily including a Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Maya Abdominal Massage, Sodashi Detox Body Wrap, Indian Head Massage and Foot Reflexology. And prior to some treatments I used the steam room facilities in the spa.

After the first day I was feeling relaxed and content. As a newcomer to the detox world I was a little unsure what I was getting myself into and fondly enough the food portions were healthy, tasty and satisfying. I did experienced headaches, which is a normal occurrence when undergoing a detox.

Going into this wellness program, I was hoping to feel healthier… I not only went home feeling healthier, I went home with a new mindset wanting to continue a healthier lifestyle - Incorporating more vegetables into my diet, drinking tea to assist with digestion and adding good oils such as coconut oil to my meals.
The 3 day wellness package I enjoyed was a cleanse and there are a few other Trisara options too.