gone in minutes

Just popping out to get groceries, and I saw them. There was a symphony of music and a beaming light shining upon the glass cabinet in which they had been calling home. I tried them on and the music got louder, I was in the spotlight. I couldn't take them off, money was quickly exchanged and I was out the door. They were gone in minutes and have found a new home, whether it be in my bag, on my head or waiting for their next adventure. These babies have been my summer saviour!

I got mine at my local glasses store but they are available at Nordstrom

PARIS - Christian Dior


Modern femininity was the essense of the Dior collection. Resembling a tutu more than an average flared skirt, this Dior collection had direct influence from the ballet. Whilst enjoying the detail in this piece my excitement went above and beyond, our Australian, Montana Cox modelling this piece. Its always great to see an Aussie on the runway!

I want it all!!!

PARIS FASHION WEEK - Balmain (fall 2012)

My favourite collection from PARIS. The Balmain Fall 2012 collection had it all with elaborate embellishment, solid colour, prints and great proportions. Pearls, crystals and velvet, women left the show feeling the luxury that the brand, Balmain epitomizes.

This collection left me wanting it all and more.

Karlie Kloss rocks a white sweater and embroidered velvet pants.

A weird trip into space

PARIS FASHION WEEK -  Balenciaga Fall 2012

With spacy slogans and imagery on sweatshirts in the recent Balenciaga Fall Collection, brought back memories of  childhood with cartoon characters and logos blasted across the front of sweat shirts. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but these sweatshirts have captured the attention of the fashion world.
The collection was a merging of textiles, fur, leather and hi-tech parachute material in challenging proportions, this fall collection came with many surprises. 


COLOUR... the only word i can use to describe this collection of shots by Terry Richardson.

It's bold and fun at the same time. There is even some bananas!

I'm Possible

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 
"I'm possible"!" 
Audrey Hepburn