What a great day? Sun shining, picnic amognst the trees and clothes. Yes, mountains of garments, dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, pants, jumpers and blazers. Hmmmmm, I was in Heaven!!! I was not sure what we would shoot and how much we could get done. So, just bring as much as possible, to keep our options open.

The light was perfect early on and the shoot began. Outfit after outfit became a personal favourite. They'll be hard to part with, but i guess it has to be done. So, check out my ebay items and you may pick up a great vintage garment.

Great first photoshoot for sarahg2747. It was a perfect day, all went well. I am so inspired for the next collection. Oooh! now just to wait and see what it will be...

I had a great time, special thanks to Ally, Sam and Paul. You all helped out in some way on the day.

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Here's some of the favourites from the shoot.

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