VIVID Sydney

Sydney Harbour's foreshore has become a motion of art, with lights and imagery projections transforming the country's iconic Opera House into a field of dreams. Circular Quay is currently an art gallery of its own, with viewers interacting with the contemporary light sculptures. From sitting inside a pod and ringing chimes to walking through a tunnel of tubular lights and people lighting up channels from the palms of their hands, this was an evening of excitement and curiousity amognst the visitors to the event.


Artists will have their works lighting up the dark at the Vivid Sydney event until the 11th June 2012. If you can check it out, do it! You may need to rug up and keep warm as you stroll the harbour, but it is definately worth it! This is an event, I hope to attend again next year :)

Love Sarahg2747 Xx

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