MBFWA - Oroton

Oroton is a brand that is close to home with my mothers glomesh bags been borrowed by myself on many occasions growing up. Just like this one

With a heritage to the name and an excitement as they bring the clothing sector to a re-launch i'm very flattered to witness the come back. To add to the bags and accessories already on offer, Oroton created a collection of garments to suit the working woman, the mother and the woman on a holiday. Very wearable and great to mix for the Australian woman. Styled with leather sandals and wedges, the accessories did not dissappoint.

The details of an exclusive print in orange or blue, the glomesh collar and cable knits added depths of texture and tonal difference to the pieces. With the brand continuing its success in the Australian rag trade, I may too have a signature Oroton bag that my younger relatives may borrow.

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