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London Threads is the work of best friends and now business partners, Kate Mulconroy and Angela Edwards. I came across this online boutique, selling products to their homeland of New Zealand and neighbours Australia, as they wanted "to offer girls back home the chance to access these unique products." These unique products sourced from markets across London and beyond are an eclectic mix of owners, Kate Mulconroy and Angela Edwards style. With the new role the girls share, they tell about their journey of living abroad, love of London and the London Thread story.

Living abroad in London must be exciting for you both…
Kate Mulconroy Yes it’s such an amazing experience to be living in a city like London.
Angela Edwards  It is just such an exciting city to be part of.

When you moved to London 4 years ago, did you both intend on staying there?
Kate Mulconroy I planned on living overseas for at least 3 years and it just keeps getting extended!
Angela Edwards Yes and now that we have started London Threads we will be here for a while!

When did you girls start London Threads?
Kate Mulconroy – We launched late last year
Angela Edwards – We wanted London Threads to be ready just in time for the NZ summer!

Where are your favourite places to shop in London?
Kate Mulconroy That’s a tough one there are just so many amazing places to shop! Definitely at the markets, for unique and local designers. We go most weekends.
Angela Edwards There are also some incredible independent boutiques popping up all over the city. We often visit these as well to find new pieces

You stock a great range of jewellery and accessories; Do you both share the buying of items for the online store?
Kate Mulconroy Yes we often shop together to pick out new designs. It makes for a pretty fun job.
Angela Edwards Yes the jewellery lines are so gorgeous! We stock quite a wide variety to suit different tastes. So we have pieces like the sweet girly charms but then also statement items such as the animal rings.

You have purchased beautiful pieces London for London threads. What’s your favourite thing about London?
Kate Mulconroy  There us just so much choice in everything here…no matter what your tastes are in music, fashion, culture or food, London has it covered.
Angela Edwards Yes there is definitely something for everyone here. The shopping is up there for me!

I definately could relate to the joy these girls are having finding hidden treasures at markets. Now London's unique offerings are available to me, from the comfort of my computer. Oh, the qualities of shopping online :)

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