Artist and Visionary

To my excitement, milliner Stephen Jones was in Dunedin for the iD fashion awards. Being in the same city as this artist and visionary had me thinking about all the wonderful designers he has worked with for fashion shows and the iconic headwear he has created. From John Galliano and  Marc Jacobs to Dior, he has made an impact on the fashion world and brought to life the creative ideas for many big brands.

His ability to showcase an integral part of the styling oftens portrays the etheral nature of the show. And a theatre like experience for the audience, allowing an escape from reality into a world of fashion at its best. 
I have a great appreciation for handcrafted millinary and the workmanship that goes into each piece. The moulding of a felt hat on a wooden block is not a simple task. The steam and muscle power to create the perfect shape and correct size takes both knowledge and practice. So, in some instances you could say blood, sweat and tears.
Images from various DIOR collections

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