My love affair with sunglasses has become very evident with a number of pairs in my possession. So, I guess it's safe to call myself a specs addict. It was to my delight to become aware of a brand earlier this year at Australian Fashion Week, called Specs Addict. Upon browsing their selection of both sunglasses and opticals, I came across their virtual mirror. As you can see below, I enjoyed creating my very own movie montage trying on the different styles and colours.

Once, I had made my choice of the most needed (or should I say wanted) new addition to my sunglasses collection, I followed through the prompts to check out. The delivered product was delightfully packaged. I was anxious to open the package then I read, "Made with love by SPECS ADDICT. It made me think sometimes you need to slow down and appreciate the little things. This packaging was really great. I got to my sunglasses like a a game of pass the parcel and each time the music stopped, I wondered if this was the layer.

The 'Your My Thrill' sunglasses, by SPECS ADDICT were lovely. I love the angular corners of the frames and the overall look. The quality is of the highest standard with a sturdy hinge on the arms and a lense coating to optimise the comfort and cleaning of the product.

I found it great that SPECS ADDICT will look after your lensing worries and it was an enjoyable online experience. I have spoken to the founders of SPECS ADDICT and they arranged a gift voucher for $70 to giveaway. For you to put towards your next pair of shades.

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DRAWN: MONDAY 30th July 2012


  1. my 9 month old son keeps breaking my sunnies...

  2. My need my new sunglasses are like my need for air.. i go nowhere without them, I've got to have a pair that matches every outfit and since i just went on a little shopping spree I'm in need of new sunnies to match!

  3. I love sunglasses. Espesh vintage sunnies. I want to look as fly as you in some vintage specs!! I'm a blogger myself and I hope to one day be able to do giveaways like you! I would love to have some SPECS to add to my collection! Please pick a Vintage sunnie's lover!!

    1. CONGRATULATIONS Kristen you are our winner of the SpecsAddict competition.

      Please send me an email so we can arrange to get the prize to you sarahg2747@yahoo.com.au

      talk soon Xx

  4. thanks girls for entering :) I love hearing from readers Xx

    It was hard to pick the winner so I thought it best to have it drawn out of one very stylish hat

    Kristen Kogel