Rodeo Drive

Very cliche for a tourist to visit Rodeo Drive in LA but I experienced what I believe should be called a fashionable moment of inspiration. Within the luxury and designer stores there were garment details creating a multitude of fireworks into the designer atmosphere. No really! Upon closer inspection, I had seen fabrics made of a mix of leather and wool, furs - not like any other but a mix of many patched together to create not a hybird animal but a vest and jacket. The time spent on a luxury item is what makes it so appealing and amazing.

Visiting the Dior store off Rodeo Drive (new store on Rodeo opening in October) was a great experience. I met a lovely sales person who I chatted with about fashion and the Dior brand. He showed me the intricacies in some garments and the great accessories. Definately must get back there when the new store opens.

The Louis Vuitton collection collaborating with Artist Yayoi Kusama, was great to see in person and was the inspiration for the stores, window displays.


Aaahhh Prada!

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