Xsenia & Olya

Xsenia & Olya
Spring/Summer 2013
Vancouver Fashion Week

A combination of prints, sheers and solid colours were beautifully presented in the designs of Xsenia & Olya. A feeling of summer just around the corner was evoked and I just wanted to enjoy a cocktail overlooking the Bondi Beach in one of these great dresses. The tailored jackets brought a chic glamour to your office look and the sheer over dress could easily be worn throighout summer in many ways. From a beach cover up to as worn on the runway layering your garments creating astyle of your own.

This collection had a versatile range of pieces with many personalities in each garment. Printed leggings with a solid colour back were nicely paired with a white button up and I envision these on a Sunday evening out with the girls. This collection has such a positive vibe and many pieces I can see easily transfered from the runway to your everyday wardrobe.



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